Need a new garden Shed? Add style to your backyard with a Superior Outdoor Living Specialist Timber Shed.

 All our unique sheds come in Eco friendly arsenic free Australian timber

 You can customise your shed with optional extra’s and enjoy 10 sizes to choose from.

Options available to suit your needs include;

Windows available include  small, medium or large, frosted or long wide window

Steps or ramp-single width or double width

Double or single shed doors.

available with or without sub-floor

Your choice of colorbond roof colour

Standard shed comes with single door

Stained or painted

1.7m SHEDS

* Wright 1.7m x 1.0m
* Mac Kellor 1.7m x 1.8m
* Kendall 1.7m x 2.4m
* Hope 1.7m x 2.9m
* Dennis 1.7m x 3.5m

2.3m SHEDS

* Davis 2.3m x 1.0m
* Harwood 2.3m x 1.8m
* Lawson 2.3m x 2.4m
* Walker 2.3m x 2.9m
* Banjo 2.3m x 3.5m

All Sheds come in natural timber and you can customise your shed to suit your needs.

Options available are –
* Staining or painted
* Window size
* Double Doors
* Steps (single or double width)
* Ramps (single or double width)

Double Shed Door

Enjoy a double Shed door, makes it easy to fit more into your shed.

Single Shed Door

The smaller single Shed door is standard on all the shed selection. Double Shed door is an optional extra.

Small Window

We offer several sizes of window, the image aboe is the small window.

Medium Window

This is the medium window, we offer three to choose from

Double Steps

Steps are available in Single or double width.

Large Window

Here is our large window suited to the Shed or the Studio

Double Ramp

Ramps make it easy for managing outdoor gardening equipment like mowers and wheel barrows. Single or double width available.